Truck Tyres

BF-GOODRICH-TA-KO Truck TyresTrucks are the heart and soul the economy of the world, let alone our own country as we depend on them to transport our products from place to place. We have a range truck tyres in various sizes to accommodate most truck sizes on the market. Our truck tyres are specifically designed and manufactured with safety as a factor of paramount importance in mind. Our focus is not only on simply offering our customers the best tyre prices, but the best safety features to ensure true value for money.

Our range of truck tyres includes:

  • Steer tyres
  • Drive tyres
  • Trailer tyres

We have been at the forefront of supplying quality truck tyres and are constantly evolving and improving our processes to be able to offer top quality product for our clients. Over the years we have accrued the knowledge and skill to know what works for our customers’ needs and what doesn’t, that is what sets us apart from the rest; the personal touch we add to every consultation and sale we make.

Find out why so many businesses have made us their tyre fitment centre of choice for their trucks. Contact us today for a quote on the truck tyres you need.