Michelin 235/35ZR19 PILOT SPORT 2
October 19, 2018
Michelin 225/50WR17 PRIMACY 3
October 19, 2018

Michelin 305/30ZR19 PILOT SPORT CUP 2

R6,497.00 R6,016.00

Passenger Car Radial

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Ultra High Performance
Faster than the fatest road tyre1 on track
Faster on dry track: 1.8 seconds per lap
Faster on wet track: 1.2 seconds per lap
Faster in extremely wet cornering: +7 km/h
Â¥ Better long lasting tread on track2
50% more track laps
Â¥ High Speed Confidence3
Partner of lap time speed braking records with prestigious car manufacturers like Porsche and Renault Sport.
Â¥ Delivering a tyre that covers all your needs.
Tyres have their own personality: they need to express certain caracteristics more passionately. With MICHELIN Total Performance, you gets all characteristics on top, without any compromise. All our tyres are made to cover all your need, thanks to MICHELIN Total Performance.

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