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October 19, 2018
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Michelin 275/60R20 LATITUDE TOUR HP MI 114H

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Sport Utility Vehicle

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The Michelin Latitude Tour HP is manufactured for 4×4 vehicles which spend a lot of driving time on-road.

Michelin has designed the Latitude Tour HP to provide maximum driving comfort and durability. It offers motorists very low levels of noise emissions and vibrations, and this additionally assists with reducing fuel consumption. With its Terrain-Proof compound derived from earth mover tyres, Michelin has been able to develop a tread pattern which resists wear and provides motorists with tyre longevity.

The tyre is also designed with Michelin’s StabiliGrip technology, which provides more sipes for extra grip in wet conditions. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning and enhances overall performance in handling and braking. The supple tyre casing ensures a large contact patch with the road, and a rigid tread pattern ensures excellent grip in dry and wet weather conditions.

Key Features

Excellent tyre for 4×4 drivers who spend a lot of time on-road.
A durable tyre which promotes driving comfort.
StabiliGrip technology ensures the tyre offers excellent grip and performance in wet weather.
Excellent across wet and dry conditions thanks to supple tyre casing and rigid treat patterns.

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