Michelin 235/35ZR19 PILOT SPORT 2
October 19, 2018
Michelin 225/50WR17 PRIMACY 3
October 19, 2018

Michelin 275/45R20 110Y EL LATITUD

R5,525.00 R5,116.00

Sport Utility Vehicle

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The new MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3 is the third generation of Latitude on-road SUV tyres in the Michelin line-up, originally certified by Porsche in 2002 for the first Cayenne. The design of the new tyre conveys an image of power and control and meets user requirements by delivering optimal safety, reducing rolling resistance to improve fuel efficiency and increasing longevity.
Produced with an extra 10% of tread footprint from the previous generation Michelin Latitude Sport, providing improved safety on the wet.
Designed with a continuous central RIB to ensure high torque transfer during the braking and acceleration phases.
The two-ply carcass on the tyre ensures a high level of robustness for SUVs dedicated to 100% on-road usage.
An innovative rubber compound for the tread block, made of a mix of silica and the latest generation of elastomers, offers an excellent level of mileage performance with no compromise on safety and fuel economy.
Also designed with variable thickness sipes which minimise deformation of the tread surface, therefore reducing the tyre

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