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Mar 12, 2019
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A decent Mud Terrain tyre for the price. That about sums it up for the General Grabber. The General Grabber MT is General Tyre’s solution to the offroad market for what they call “extremely difficult terrain”. While we don’t consider the General Grabber to be an “extreme” mud terrain tire when compared to the Mud Terrain tyres on the market, it does hold it’s own in off-road applications. The General Grabber MT is very similar to the average MT tyre on the market in looks and performance. In the mud, it does decent while the tread is above it’s half life. It’s not the best in mud but a little better than average. The lack of sipes in the tread design does reduce it’s potential traction somewhat on the road especially in wet weather driving although a lack of sipes is common in average MT tyres. The tyre does flex very well when aired down into the teens making it a good rock performer though the tyre does lack sidewall protection but the 3 ply construction offers moderate protection from rocks and trail obstacles. The tyre also does well in sand and snow. Overall when you look at the price and what you get for it, the General Grabber MT is a decent Mud Terrain tyre for the price.

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