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Mar 11, 2019
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Bridgestone 225/45WR17 REO50 RFT


Passenger Car Radial Run Flat

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The Potenza RE050 is Bridgestone’s pinnacle sports tyre, delivering near noiseless performance in the wet or dry

Outstanding levels of grip
Outstanding performance in the wet
High speed capability and ride quality
Sharp and smooth steering response
Less in-vehicle noise at high speeds
Features and Benefits

High Stiffness Block

Maximized contact area for cornering performance on dry
Optimum traction and braking
‘Tie Bar’ Rib

Special ‘reinforced’ rib design to ensure maximum control when cornering
Wet Traction / Grip
Straight Semi-Slick Centre

Maximum control and steering response
Straight line stability
Main Asymmetrically Displaced Grooves

Efficient water drainage
Optimised void and block stiffness to balance hydro-performance and handing stability.
Specially shaped ‘water evacuation blocks’ for most effective water evacuation from rib contact patch into main grooves.

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